Completing the KNMB Grant Application

  • Each organization can apply for a KNMB grant once per grant cycle.
  • Any and All publicity relating to this grant shall clearly state that this project was partially funded by Keep New Mexico Beautiful, Inc.
    • If grant funds provide for permanent items such as trash/recycling bins or planters, the KNMB logo may be displayed.
    • A copy of the KNMB logo is available upon request.
  • ALL sections of the grant application forms must be completed.
    • Please include “BEFORE PICTURES”, landscape plans, diagrams, and other information necessary to fully describe the nature and scope of the proposed project.
    • Additional pages may be attached to the application.
    • Ceremonies and celebrations are highly encouraged to showcase and publicized grant projects, especially for Keep New Mexico Beautiful Month and Arbor Day grants.
  • Your grant project may fall under any one or a combination fo multiple KNMBgrant award categories to include:
    • Arbor Day
    • Education
    • Native Plant & Landscaping
    • Solid Waste, Litter Control & Recycling
    • KNMB Month
  • If you are chosen to be a grant recipient, you may also be eligible to receive a recognition award from KNMB for your achievement.
  • Please put the 4th Saturday of October on your calendar so you can attend our Annual Recognition Awards Luncheon as our guest and to receive your special award.

• We are proud to announce that we are reducing the paper requirement by allowing online submissions.

  • However, we will no longer accept FAXed applications.