Final Grant Project Report

Final Report PDF (4 pages)
Same as the following form.

2a. To the best of your ability, please tell us how many of the following were a result of your project.
(if the item does not apply to your project, please write "NA" - Not Applicable - in the space provided.)

Project Results

  Number of volunteers Total volunteer hrs
Square Feet
Please give the area of the site that was directly impacted by the project.
Please give the measure, (for example: 32 pounds; 10 cubic feet; thirty 44 gallon trash bags)
Note: In-kind donations are anything tangible that was donated to the project, e.g. plants, fertilizer, water, etc. Remember that these items have costs associated with them, e.g., plants - 40 plants at t a value of $5.00 each total would be $200.
Maximum upload size: 104.86MB
Questions about grant reporting? Please contact KNMB at

On behalf of KNMB, thank you for your feedback and for your dedication to the improvement and enhancement of your community.
Keep up the good work!