Spring 2018 Grant Cycle Time Line

Application Deadline: Received by February 16, 2018, at 5:00 PM:

  • 1/02/2018 – Open for applications
  • 2/16/2018 – Grant applications submission deadline
  • 2/19/2018 – 2/23/2018 – Grant review period by Grant Committee
  • 2/23/2018 – Grant award notification to applicants.
  • 5/04/2018 – Grant project completion date and Final Report due to KNMB.

Once you have been notified that you will be receiving a grant award you will receive a Final Report form, a grant voucher, and an official congratulations letter from the KNMB Executive Director or KNMB Grant Committee Chair. The Final Report form and signed voucher must be received by KNMB either electronically or hard copy by the 5/04/2018 deadline to include photographs of the completed project and paid invoices/paid receipts.

  • (Originals ONLY) Paid Invoices + Paid Receipts
  • NOTE: Pictures in progress are welcome by the committee.