Educational K-12

KNMB is dedicated to offering education programs throughout the state that assist in the preservation and enhancement of the natural beauty of New Mexico by encouraging communities to improve their surroundings. Programs focus on a variety of topics, including conservation of our natural resources by reducing, reusing, recycling, litter clean-up and anti-litter education, and composting. Other programs promote planting trees and Arbor Day. These programs are taken on the road to schools and other community groups by KNMB’s mascot, Dusty Roadrunner, and the Environmental Education Specialist. Dusty Roadrunner has promoted beautification and litter control in New Mexico for over 40 years.For more information and to schedule any school programs, please contact Judi Pierson, Executive Director, or 1-800-760-KNMB.

Trees Are Terrific! (Grades 3-6)

La-Merced-3-13-09Students will identify ways trees “work” to protect our natural resources, estimate the economic value of urban trees, describe ways trees enhance human environments and natural ecosystems, and recognize appropriate planting sites for urban trees in their community.

Teachers participating in the Arbor Day Poster Contest are highly encouraged to use the Trees are Terrific Curriculum and lesson plan in their classroom to enhance your students’ learning experience as part of the contest. It has been shown that students produce better artwork and have a better learning experience while creating a poster that is linked to the ADF Curriculum. If you have questions regarding the curriculum or would like assistance incorporating this into your classroom, please contact Judi Pierson at KNMB. Download ADF Curriculum.

For more information and to schedule any school programs, please contact Judi Pierson, Executive Director, or 1-800-760-KNMB.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (Grades 3-5)

Dusty Roadrunner and KNMB’s Environmental Education Specialist conduct waste audits in schools throughout New Mexico to teach students and teachers how to reduce, reuse and recycle. In 2008, they visited 20 schools around New Mexico, from Hondo to Gallup. In this activity, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students sort, count, and weigh their classroom trash. The data is recorded on a chart by category, making it easy to see what type of trash is the most common. Then students brainstorm ideas that reduce the amount of trash in their classes. It is no surprise that in most classes, paper constitutes the majority of trash. Paper waste makes up more than a third of all trash in America. Students are making a difference by putting their ideas into action!

For more information and to schedule any school programs, please contact Judi Pierson, Executive Director, or 1-800-760-KNMB.

Schoolyard Litter Detectives (Grades 2-6)

Schoolyard Litter Detectives is an environmental education program designed to help students clean up and analyze the litter in their schoolyards and develop a plan to teach others about keeping the schoolyard free of litter.

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22, but your students can participate in Earth friendly projects any time! Contact KNMB’s Judi Pierson, Executive Director, info@knmb.orgor 1-800-760-KNMB for more information.

KNMB Education Sponsors

PNM Resources Foundation

PNMThe Dusty Roadrunner on the Road program is sponsored by a generous grant from the PNM Resources Foundation. The PNM Partnership Grant supported Dusty Roadrunner and KNMB’s Environmental Education Specialist to travel to 20 schools in seven counties this fall, 2008, to carry out waste audits and develop class reduce-reuse-recycle action plans. Thirty-seven 4th, 5th and 6th grade classes for a total of 740 students and 41 teachers have participated in this program! In addition, every school that participated in the waste audit received a free tree, courtesy of the PNM Resources Foundation, to offset the carbon emitted by Dusty’s travels. Dusty Roadrunner is joining many of these schools this spring to celebrate the planting of these trees to keep New Mexico beautiful!

Thank you PNM Resources Foundation!

US New Mexico Federal Credit Union

USNMFCUKeep New Mexico Beautiful’s Education program is made possible through a successful partnership with the U.S. New Mexico Federal Credit Union. U.S. New Mexico Federal Credit Union serves their members by providing financial products and services to help them attain personal financial success. As a tax-exempt, not-for-profit cooperative, U.S. New Mexico Federal Credit Union typically offers its members better interest and dividend rates than many other financial institutions. Through our shared membership Dusty Roadrunner and our Environmental Education Specialist reach out to students and teachers around the state. Members of KNMB are eligible to become a member of the USNMFCU and benefit from their credit union services.